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From Maine to Minnesota

Highlights of my journey from Maine to Minnesota – December 2023

I’m back in Minnesota for the rest of the year! After enjoying a peaceful month in coastal Maine, I made the return trip to Minnesota a five-day adventure—spending nights in Boston, Syracuse, Cleveland, and Chicago. I stopped in Buffalo, New York to check out the Peace Bridge to Canada. I was very tempted to drive over that bridge and continue 1.5 hours to Toronto to begin my 3-month adventure again, but it’s great to be back with family in Minnesota.

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Day trip to Niagara Falls

Horseshoe Falls – Niagara Falls, Ontario – September 2023

As I wrap up my time in Ontario, I crossed the last item off my bucket list and was in full tourist mode on Tuesday. Looking for the perfect day in the Niagara Falls area? Follow what I did, and you won’t be disappointed. Pro tip: bring your passport. I walked over the bridge to the USA for an hour, and it’s much better here on the Canadian side.

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