Springtime in Tulsa

Gathering Place – Tulsa, Oklahoma – April 2023

Gathering Place – Tulsa, Oklahoma – April 2023

This month I’m enjoying springtime in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After ten weeks in Texas, I’m slowly heading back north. By the time I left Texas, it looked and felt like summer. Now that I’m a little further north, I’m experiencing the spring bloom again in Tulsa. I’ve mostly been laying low in my apartment and neighborhood a few blocks from the Arkansas River and the amazing Gathering Place park.

For the second month in a row, my Airbnb apartment is on a busy road, this one with a fire station down the block and a large hospital only a few blocks away. I’ve gotten so used to the white noise of traffic and sirens; my ears will take a few days to adjust to silence when I leave Tulsa. My apartment is also in a very rich area of Tulsa—much like the mansions of the San Antonio suburb I lived in last month. It’s fun to daydream about what these people do to afford such lavish estates and property.

My building is directly next to a pedestrian path to the Gathering Place, which is this huge 66-acre riverfront park built in 2018. Wandering through the Adventure Playground is like being transported to a magical land, with larger-than-life animal sculptures, a giant pirate ship, unique slides, bridges, and climbing structures. My 3-year-old niece would have a blast and never want to leave. There’s also a skateboard park, several beautiful gardens, and meeting spaces, making it the perfect place for people of all ages. I wish every major city had such an elaborate—and totally free—place for its citizens to enjoy!

When I first arrived and started to explore the neighborhood, I quickly realized I’m only a few blocks from the famous Route 66, which starts in downtown Chicago, Illinois and ends in Santa Monica, California. Local businesses definitely embrace their location with Route 66 murals and signs all over the place. Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios on 66 and the Blue Whale of Catoosa were fun stops.

While I’m enjoying my time in Tulsa, there aren’t as many “Wow!” things as other places I’ve been on my nomad adventures—or maybe I just haven’t been looking carefully. And I’m perfectly fine with that. Believe it or not, traveling all the time, always exploring new and diverse places, does get tiring. I’m an introvert at heart, so enjoying a “quieter” month has been much appreciated.

I’ve spent the month doing a lot of reminiscing and thinking ahead to what’s next on this crazy adventure called life. A couple of weeks ago was the one-year anniversary of my Minnesota home sale, and in a few days, I will celebrate one year of life on the road as a digital nomad. I’m having the time of my life and will write much more about it in a few weeks.

Here’s a photo gallery of favorites from my time in Tulsa. Enjoy!

Casa Loma Tower View
Casa Loma Great Hall
Casa Loma Suite
Casa Loma’s Legends of Horror
Casa Loma Stables
Casa Loma Conservatory