Vermont Is dreamy

Overlooking the Lake Champlain Valley from Mount Philo – Charlotte, Vermont – October 2023

Overlooking the Lake Champlain Valley from Mount Philo – Charlotte, Vermont – October 2023

I’ve been wanting to get to Vermont for a long time because it combines two things I love but don’t usually find at the same time: rural and liberal. Vermont also tops lists of states with the best fall colors, so I knew I had to get here this autumn. As my time in Vermont comes to an end, I’m reflecting on another wonderful month on the road.

Of the three places I’m visiting this fall—Ontario, Vermont, and Maine—Vermont is the place I was most looking forward to. I’d heard such wonderful things, including more than one person in my life saying Burlington is their favorite city in the whole country. While I’m not sure about Burlington specifically—it’s going through some major social issues because of COVID—I can relate to those people who simply love Vermont.

As everyone knows, it seems the weather everywhere this year has been anything but normal, and here in Vermont I read that the fall colors haven’t been as glorious as other years. It has rained a lot this year, including devastating flooding in Montpelier back in July. If you’re wondering why it’s taken me so long to post photos, it’s because all month I’ve been trying to get the perfect photo to encapsulate autumn in Vermont but keep coming up short of my too-high expectations. Here’s the best I got. Maybe I should ask for a drone for Christmas—a lot of the best fall color photos are taken from the air.

Lack of the perfect fall photo aside, I’ve had a blast driving scenic routes through the Green Mountains of northern and central Vermont, including myriad picturesque small towns. I’ve gone to a few apple orchards for fresh cider and apple cider donuts. I’ve driven over several one-lane covered wooden bridges. The edibles are top-notch and taste great. In addition to a couple of trips to Ben & Jerry’s flagship store, I’ve enjoyed a few maple creemees—a Vermont delicacy. And it wouldn’t be a trip to Vermont without a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury—including a stroll through their Flavor Graveyard.

I’ve also just enjoyed getting some rest and relaxation this month. I think I may have overdone it in Toronto, as you can see from reading my many blog posts. Vermont is much more laid back. I like the small-town pace. And to be honest, thinking about what to write and then actually writing blog posts takes a lot of time. I really love it, but my interest in writing has its ebbs and flows like everything in life does.

Within a couple of days of arriving in Vermont, I knew it was a place I’d definitely be returning to. There are a lot more things I could have done this month—I really wanted to take a day trip or two to southern Vermont and northern New York—but I’ll save those for next time! My aunt came to visit for a few days a couple of weeks ago and we drove to Montréal for an afternoon which was lovely.

I seem to say this about almost every place I’ve visited so far on my nomadic adventures, but I could move to Vermont in a heartbeat. As I think about places to settle down someday, Vermont is at the top of my non-Minnesota locations. I’m growing out my beard, purchased an iconic Vermont Flannel Company classic red buffalo shirt, and got a sweet new jacket in Stowe that screams Vermont trendy casual comfort, so I know I would blend in perfectly here!

Random Vermont fun facts:

  • In 1968, Vermont became the first state to ban billboards.
  • Vermont produces the most maple syrup in the country.
  • 78% of the state is covered in forests and the Green Mountains.
  • There are over 100 covered bridges in Vermont.
  • Vermont has only one single area code: 802.
  • Vermont was the first state to legally recognize gay couples when it created civil unions, and it’s the first state to pass marriage equality through the legislature.
  • Vermont is home to the highest concentration of sugar maple trees in the U.S., responsible for creating deep fiery reds and oranges of fall foliage.

Here’s a photo gallery of favorites from my time in Vermont. Enjoy!

Texas Wildflowers
Texas Bluebonnets
Texas Bluebonnets
Texas Bluebonnets
Texas Bluebonnets
Texas Bluebonnets